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Upgrade Downgrade Unifi via CLI

Hi Dude, this is short article about how to upgrade or downgrade Unifi Device via command line (CLI). This is general method for over...
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Apache Index Directory Show Full Width

Hi Dude, this is simple trick to solving appearance index apache directory list. The directory list index that running by apache web server show...
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chattr Make File or folder Immutable

Hi Dude, sometime we want lock a file or folder from overwritten because any update or others. Simple method is setting the immutable flag...
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cPanel Custom Query Delete

Dovecot’s Search Query Format. cPanel Custom Query
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PFDel Script Delete Mail Queue Postfix and Zimbra

PFDel is a term for bash script postfix whose contents commands to delete the email queue based on the sender’s or recipient’s address. Pfdel...
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Easy Create Bootable USB Windows Server 2016/2019/2022

If we want to install windows server on a bare metal device, the traditional way is to burn the ISO to a CD/DVD. But...
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Easy Windows Script For Disable Enable Interface

Sometimes in managing servers, there are many events that we cannot predict. One of them is the Windows VPS server has a FREEZE interface....
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Install Zimbra MTA – Zimbra Multi Server on Ubuntu 20.04 (Part 3)

Hi Dude, this is the last in a series of zimbra multi server installlation sequence on Ubuntu 20.04. Ok, lets do it install zimbra...
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Pi-Hole Add adlist from Source Third Party

Hi, Dude. After succesfull installation Pi-Hole un ubuntu 20.04 as previous article, next we can doing job Pi-Hole Add adlist from Source Third Party...
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Install Pi-Hole in Ubuntu 20.04

Hi Dude. Today i want to share about install pi-hole in ubuntu 20.04 This easy step for beginner user. Pihole is tool open source...
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Install Zimbra Mailbox – Zimbra Multi Server on Ubuntu 20.04 (Part 2)

Hi Dude, I will continue my article that I posted earlier about installing zimbra multi server on Ubuntu 20.04. In the previous post, the...
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Install Zimbra Multi Server on Ubuntu 20.04 (Part 1)

Hi Dude. in a previous article I’ve posted about installing zimbra single server on Ubuntu 20.04. And then in this article I want to...
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